• Sukuma is the largest tribe in Tanzania, with approximately 6 million people. They mostly live in northwestern Tanzania near Lake Victoria and Mwanza, and they are famous for having giant physical appearances The Sukuma have faith in spirit possession and have a holistic view of the world being unified with all living things. Half of its members still practice traditional customs in their daily lives, which includes cultural food and households, and cultural dances.​


  • The Maasai are most well-known for their attire and constantly reinforcing their culture. Bunda adventures can provide opportunities to spend time with the Maasai in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, or the Ngorongoro highlands. These are designated areas where the Maasai traditionally live, herd their cattle, and even take their livestock down into the craters for water.


  • The Wahadzabe tribe are also known as “The Bushmen”. They are very primitive and live entirely off the land by collecting fruits, vegetables and roots in addition to bow hunting. The language they use is very intriguing, as it sounds like “clicking noises”. The Wahadzabe people live around Lake Eyasi in Northern Tanzania, and they try to stay true to their traditional way of life as much as possible. When visiting the Wahadzabe, you can observe their way of life and join the hunt with the extremely skilled Hadzabe men.​​

Bunda Adventures can show you the many different cultures in Tanzania, that will leave you with a real sense of the country and the people that live there. The wildlife in Tanzania is truly an amazing sight to see, however nothing tops the experience and memories that the Tanzanian people will leave you with.